Bonding With Your Children: Crafting For Your Dogs

In the day and age of technology, it can be difficult to get your children to spend time with you. If they are not in school, most kids would rather be on their phones or tablets than cuddling up next to mom for a story. However, there is one thing that always seems to catch their attention: crafts! Children love making arts and crafts projects because they’re fun and creative – but did you know that they can also help keep them occupied? In this article we’ll explore how crafting for your dog helps make family time more enjoyable.

Dog Toy

Instead of going to the store, why not make one yourself! Any child – even a toddler! – can create a dog toy in just a few simple steps.

To make this craft you’ll need:

  • A sheet of felt
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread

First, cut two similar squares from your felt materials. Make sure that they are about the same size but don’t worry about making them perfect.

Next, place the two pieces of felt together – right sides facing inward.

Then fit a piece of elastic through each side and sew it down to create a pocket on either end. Make sure that you leave enough room for stuffing!

Now your dog can have hours of fun chasing this toy around your house – and you can even help your child sew it! If you like the idea of making things for your dog, you might want to try revamping and old dog bed to make it look brand new – take a look at this article for some inspiration.

Puzzle Toy

This is another simple craft that everyone can enjoy. To make this type of dog toy, all you need are some old cardboard boxes (like the ones cereal or crackers come in)  and a few other items:

  • Scissors
  • Paint
  • Pipe cleaners

First, have your child paint the outside of their cardboard box. You can help them to make sure that they don’t miss any spots! After it has dried completely, let them use pipe cleaners to create a paw print on one side of the box. It doesn’t matter what color you choose – just make sure that your dog is able to chew it off more easily.

Then all you need to do is cut some holes into the box – big enough for treats!

Finally, stuff with kibble or other snacks and let them play! Your kids will love figuring out how to get their dog’s favorite snack while they’re having fun playing with their new toy.

How To Start Your Business With Your Crafts

If you are wondering how to start your business with your crafts, you should really consider starting with the internet. There is a very big world of opportunities on the internet that can provide a lot of ways for creative people to make money. The fact is that most consumers want to buy unique and handmade crafts from other creative people. Etsy and social media are the two places that I would recommend to anyone interested in getting into the craft industry.

Etsy is an online marketplace where people can sell handmade crafts on a variety of different categories. Craft stores have always existed, but they were much smaller and not accessible by many consumers. Etsy is changing the face of the craft industry by becoming one of the leading websites for handmade crafts and home based businesses.

By using social media, you can really broaden your customer base. There are a lot of different ways that you can use social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and StumbleUpon to promote your craft store. You can create a blog on your website and then link it back to your craft website. This will create a presence for your craft store on the internet and increase your visibility on search engines.

Another way that I have found to be successful is by offering affiliate programs on my website and on my Craftster blog. Affiliate programs allow me to offer products on both my Craftster blog and on my website. Most people who are looking for the latest and greatest craft supplies will find the information on my website and buy from there. I make a commission off of each product that I sell and that is how to start your business with your crafts, especially if you have multiple stores.

The best way to start your own craft business is to start with one item and develop it over time until you have developed a full line of creative items. That is how I started when I was a teenager selling jewelry. You can do this same thing or start with one item and develop it into a full line of creative crafts.

As long as your craft business is promoting other creative crafts then you will be alright. I do not recommend starting a craft business that solely promotes pet accessories. Pets are special and there are certainly fun pet crafts you can make, but owning pets can also be very pricey. As with any other business, the more you can promote other products the better off you will be. And the more money you can make the better off you will be.How To Start Your Business With Your Crafts

How To Encourage Your Kids To Be Creative

All children have that natural instinct to discover because of their curiosity. Not only that, but children also have wild imaginations. With that, they have that instinct to do something about it. As a parent, you should help them with it and have them develop it. Like any other task, it is a process.

It will take some time and work, but you can definitely help them with their creativity which will be very useful as they grow up. Here are the things you can do:

1. Have the Means

The best way for them to do something is by seeing it in front of them. You will have to provide them that. It does not have something expensive but something that will encourage them to work on something. It could be by art and craft supplies. You can also provide them some books that will widen their imagination. It might also encourage them to write once they know about words. No matter what, get them something that will be good for creativity.

2. Do Some Activities

With the means and materials you have, why not use them? There might be a possibility that they would ignore them and just go on for something that interests them more. But you can definitely use them by doing some activities that will be fun for them. Kids love to be messy, so go on to make one. Arts and crafts are some of the best and popular ways. You can even invite their friends over with it. Not only that, but you can also encourage creativity in other ways such as gardening and cooking. Like with arts and crafts, they will get to see the outcome which will surely take their interest and would encourage them to do more.

3. Encourage Them

Words can also have an impact on them. Because of that, you can also use some words to encourage them. Explain to them the importance of it and how it will affect when they grow up. It may not stick them at first, but it may when they grow up. Adults at times tend to remember the advice they had when they were young. You can also show it and have some examples that will help them as they grow up.

4. Let Them Discover Their Passion 

Creativity is shown and done in different ways. People have different gifts and talents that can be useful. It is because of people’s differences in why things work out together. With your children, it is also the same. If you have numerous kids, they will be all different. Some might share an interest with you or your partner while some have a different one at all. No matter what, do not restrict them but instead, let them discover what they really like to do and persuade them if they really want that. What you can do is to continue to encourage them and provide the means so that they can excel and improve it with their own effort and profit.