Hi guys, I’m back with a Letterpress tutorial and I promise, it’s easier than you might think!  Here’s my cast of characters for today’s project…L Letterpress Platform, Evolution, Typewriter Plates, A2 Fold Letterpress card base, and Letterpress Ink in Black, Teal Blue and Gray.  First I used the foam adhesive rectangles to line up my card base on the platform.  This ensures I get exact placement each time.


What makes this printing plate fun is that it’s a 2 step ink process, which means that my typewriter can be two colors instead of one.  I put the double sided adhesive on the back and lined up my typewriter to the card base.  There is one main plate that fits the typewriter inside.  


Here you can see the typewriter inside of the placement guide.



The next step is to ink that baby up.  A little bead of ink goes a long way.  I was able to ink up 4 cards with this one drop and had enough for at least two more.  Make sure you roll it out evenly on the plate.  If you use too much ink, it will take longer for the ink to dry.


Once the typewriter as been inked, you can use a wipe (I used baby wipes) to wipe away any extra ink that is elsewhere.  Close the platform and run it through your machine.  One pass is all it took for me.


Here is how it looked…


Time for a color change!  I used a baby wipe to wipe off the ink on the brayer and the plate.  It is pretty sticky, but if you press firmly, it should wipe right off.  


I took out the typewriter plate i was using and popped in the 2nd typewriter for the accent color.  


As you can see, because I left the placement guide in place, it lined up the 2nd color perfectly.  Again, I wiped any excess off with baby wipe.


Here’s how it came out.  Pretty cool, eh?  


What makes this printing plate cool are all the sentiments that you can put into the “typed message” area.  I used black for mine, but you could use any color.  


And the finished result!  A set of 4 fun Hello cards, ready to go!  



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