How To Make Your Own Birthday Cards

Birthdays are a special day for everyone. Because of that, you would want to make it more special by giving them something. You can definitely give them some gifts that can be something simple or personal. But what will make it more extraordinary and special is putting some card on it. What is great about cards is that you can personalize it along with your message. Sure, there are a lot of cards available in stores but nothing is better than giving them something you made.

It is not hard and is also definitely cheaper. It can be done in different ways. It will be your choice on what kind and the size. No matter how, you have definitely have your own touch. Here are the ways you can make card that will be according to your style and ability.

1. Craft Your Own

If your hobby involves crafting, this will be easy for you. You surely already have the materials on hand with that matter. This could also be one of your family activities that can be done with your kids. This is also the most personal way, because you get to choose the design and will do it on your own. It can also be done in different ways and medium. It could be by paints or watercolor. Some do it by stamping while some do it scrapbook style. No matter how it is, you can surely make it something that will be treasured especially if you really know the person.

2. Computer Template

If you think you are not that creative, you do not need to worry, because the are so many templates you can choose from your already-installed computer programs. Some would have designs that you can edit or leave it as is but can still add in your personal message. There are also blank ones that you can design your own. This could also be handy if you know some multimedia arts.

3. Online Card Maker

If you want something more different, you can go to some websites or apps that makes cards. What is good about this is that it has more variety but will depend on what kind. To have more options, sometimes you will need to pay some price, but it will surely be worth it if it is something that you know that the receiver will really like. 

4. Card Kit

If you are wanting to make one by your own hands, but you think you are not creative enough for it then you can purchase some card kits. There are different varieties available, and it is different from the greeting cards you see in stores. There are kits that provide all your needs in making cards instead of buying them one by one. There are some that are already designed, but you can still add some more decor in it to make it your own. These card are also blank, so the message is still up to you and your own.