Creative Things You Can Make With Felt With Your Kids

A great way to bond with your kids is to do some activities together. It could be anything like sports or going out together or doing chores. But if you are looking for some activity that is relaxed and do not require too much effort, it would be arts and crafts. It might get messy at times, but it is something that will not only enhance both of your creativity, you will have time to spend together and help one another.

The thing about arts and crafts though is not only it is messy but the materials are costly at times. But the beauty about making crafts is that you can use about anything. If you have some leftover materials, you can definitely use those.

Felt papers are usually used for construction. Maybe you have some lying around from a recent renovation or manage to purchase one. No matter what the reason, there are a lot of projects you can do with your kids with it.

1. Animal Displays

Many felt projects you would find online are usually different animals or insects. You can start with easier ones until you have a collection. This is also one of those that would not require sewing if you want to. You will just need to cut some shapes and glue them together, and you will also have an automatic display for your kids’ room.

2. Puppets

This can be done in different ways and sizes. There are the easier ones such as ones on stick or finger puppets that requires little material. But you can also definitely do full hand-sized ones or something bigger.

3. Stuffed Toys

It could be for your kids or for yourself if you are one who collects plushies. This will require additional material like cotton, but it is one of those projects that can be kept and passed on next generations.

4. Artwork

If you are wanting to make your own home accents, this will be a good opportunity. It is easy and is something you and your kids can do together with a big one and get it framed anywhere you want to in your home.

5. Covers

Another easy project that will not require sewing. You could just have any albums or journals that you would like to design. You could also repurpose some old books. If you are into book binding, you can even make your own journals or even scrapbook albums, and your kids’ creations are just the added touch.

6. Jewelry

If you have little girls, they will surely love some accessories. With felt, you can definitely make some jewelries in different shapes and sizes. It could be necklaces with flower or butterfly pendants or rings. You can also make some hair accessories such as hair clips and headbands.

7. Alphabet

Another simple display you can have in your kids’ room that can also be used for educational purposes. It can be done in two ways. You can have it simple by simply cutting and gluing or put some cotton to add some dimension.