TE Cuppie Love Scenes

Hey guys, I’m here to share an adorable Cuppie card with you.  These two sweethearts are from Cuppie Love Scenes and they remind me of my husband…who says he will never ride in a hot air balloon.  He doesn’t trust them (guess he’s seen to many crashes on tv) but I imagine this is how we’d look if he was willing, lol!  

TE Cuppie Love Scenes

Have any of you ever taken a hot air balloon ride?  If so, how did you like it?  Was it too loud?  I always thought it’d be fun but I’m not sure my husband would be comfortable having me up there.  If he starts encouraging me to take a ride, I might wonder if he wants me gone!  🙂  Only kidding, of course!

I used several dies for this card and love the sparkly little hearts.  I’m also loving the font for the sentiment, I wish I could write this neatly!  

Here are the supplies I used:

LoveScenes  InstantPhotoFrames  BannerStacklets1  CloudDuoDies  Whitenew  Sticky Strip

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Thanks for stopping by!