Hey everyone! I saw on Pinterest these adorable bandaids someone made for their sick and feverish daughter, and thought, I can do that! I used the Nesting Card Templates to cut different sizes of bandaids and small scalloped & regular squares for the centers. I stitched them into place, added the velcro, and I was done! I should have cut the velcro so it would look more finished, but the baby was needing me and I was in a hurry. I used velcro that already had adhesive on it, found in the sewing section.



My daughter loved them!  Just as an FYI, the velcro sticks best on the furrier stuffed animals.  I think these are so cute and love the stuff I find on Pinterest!  If you decided to make your own and want to use the same dies, use my code POP to save 20% at checkout at Lifestyle Crafts.  

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