TE Easter Doodles


It’s time for the Baker’s Dozen Studio Challenge. This is a monthly opportunity for the Taylored Expressions team to share what makes our stamping studios hum. Each month we have a fun, crafty question so we can share our favorites, some tips and tricks, stamping advice and more.

The question for March is:

You oughta be in pictures!!

We all love to share our completed projects with others on our blogs and in on-line galleries. So, when the stamping ends, the photography begins. This is a fun step for some and a frustrating one for others. How is it for you?

Tell us how you get those beautiful project photos.


Here’s where I take pictures of my cards.  You can see today’s card is there, ready for the big moment.  It’s nothing special, although I do have the window to my left that provides for a lot of natural light.  I closed the blinds for this picture as the backlight was too strong.  


This is what I see when I take the pictures and the view is rather ugly, lol!  My daughter’s desk is always overflowing and we battle all the time for her to clean it…only to have it looking the same by the end of the day.  We’ll save the details of that for another day!  

I use a fixed 50mm lens, aka the “Nifty Fifty”.  This is one of my favorite lenses and I use it for 99.9% of all my pictures, whether paper crafting or not.  I love a lot of things about this lens, but the 50mm is known for its sharpness and the amount of light it lets in.   The lower the F stop (number), the more light that is being allowed in.  This means I can take pictures in low light, without flash, and still have gorgeous pictures.  I take all of my pictures in natural light to get the best pictures.  


The camera I use is a Nikon D300 and I love it!  It’s old by camera standards (I bought it 4 years ago) but it will always be one of my favorites.


Here’s what my card looks like SOOC (straight out of camera) with the 50mm lens,without any editing.  I use Lightroom 4 for my editing as it’s the software I’m most familiar with.  I keep my editing basic, cropping and adjusting things like exposure, sharpness and white balance.   I also like to have my card on hand to keep my picture true to color.

TE Easter Doodles

This is what my edited card looks like.

TE Easter Doodles

I like to take another shot at a different angle to show depth, dimension, and detail.  Sometimes I see cards that I would love to get a close up view of, or see details that I can’t quite make out from just the initial photo.  Sometimes I’m disappointed because obviously, there was a lot of time spent creating the card, and me being me, well, I want to see the details!  

My three main tips to get good pictures would be to use natural light, keep a steady hand, and have a good photo editing program.  I know a lot of people use Photoshop Elements and there’s free software out there too.  Cameras have come a long way and even cell phones can take great pictures.  The picture of my camera, Nikon D300, was taken with my iPhone 4S and lightly edited in Lightroom 4.  Not too shabby, huh?  If you’re finding your pictures are too dark you can up your ISO setting.  I use an ISO of 1000 when it’s too cloudy or dark out.

TE Easter Doodles

Today’s card uses Easter Doodles, which is full of adorable images!  I used MME Lavender to look like washi tape and added a bit of burlap and a button to finish my card.  Don’t you love these cute chicks?  

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