How fun is this?  I found a video (from the Cricut website) by a 12 year old girl (yeah, you heard right, 12 years old!) who gave a great tutorial on how to make shirts using your Cricut and freezer paper.  I didn’t have any fabric paint so I decided to try it by air brushing it with Copic markers.  Basically you cut the design out on freezer paper (shiny side up) then using a dry iron (no steam) iron the stencil on to your shirt (face down) and paint away.  The freezer paper will peel off once cool, though you’ll want to wait until the paint is dry.  What a fun way to customize pillow cases, tote bags, jeans, or whatever else makes you smile!

The green shirt I washed and dried in the dryer and it seemed to be okay.  It did fade a little bit so I would recommend letting it dry flat.  The white shirt I picked up today at Target and haven’t washed yet so we’ll see how it holds up.   I have seen lots of really creative shirts using this method and of course, I just had to try it!  Thanks for looking!

HERE’s the video if you’re interested!