Fun Campfire Activities For The Whole Family

When you and the entire family go on a camping trip, you must look for things to do there. There are some fun campfire activities for the whole family. Everyone will surely have a ton of fun despite being several miles away from home. Here are some activities that everyone will surely love:

Never Have I Ever

This is a drinking game where someone would complete the sentence Never Have I Ever. When you did it, you are going to drink. Some people get really creative and would target other people in the group with their sentences. One good example would be “Never have I ever gone camping.” Everyone is at the campsite so everyone should drink whatever it is they are holding. For those who don’t like drinking beer, it is possible just to drink water just for the heck of it.

Once Upon a TIme

The entire family will get to create a story with this game. The first person will start with Once Upon a Time then complete the sentence. The second will add details and so on. It will certainly be a test of creativity for everyone involved. In fact, it will surely be a barrel of laughs as the story goes on. It will go on until everyone just gives up and conclude that it is time for the story to end. You never know when that will be because everyone will keep on adding awesome details.

Name Game

There will be a category and the players will name terms belonging to that category. For example, the category is countries so everyone will name Canada, Thailand, Mexico, etc. When someone says a country that has already been mentioned, then that person is eliminated. When someone can’t say anything until time has run out for that person then that person is eliminated too. The game won’t stop until all the players but one is eliminated. This will certainly test the intelligence of all the people who are playing the game.


It is similar to pass a message where there is an original passage that one person will whisper then the message goes around then the last person leads it out aloud. It will certainly lead to laughter from the entire crowd since there is no doubt the message has changed due to the number of people who have heard it. Nobody really loses here as the main point is to get everyone entertained.

All the above activities are cool things to do while in front of easy campfires. You never know when it is time to sleep. When you do, you know you got to do all the activities again the next day when you had a lot of fun. There will be a point when everyone gets tired of playing games so someone will end up telling a scary story. Unfortunately, not everyone is down with that as it is possible some would rather go to bed or go exploring out in the woods.

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