How To Make New Neighbors Feel Welcome

When you are in a neighborhood, it is important get to know one another and to socialize. This way, you will already have your own community. It will be easier for you to help one another and also to look for one another.

Because of that, if there will be someone new that came into your neighborhood, you will have to make them feel welcome. It is for them to let them know that even they are new, they can definitely be part of the community. Here are the ways:

1. Introduce Yourself

Once they moved in, do the first move and introduce yourself. This will show friendliness to them and that they are not outsiders just because they are new. You can have some of your kids or pets over to have some opening conversation. Another way to welcome them is by helpful with their moving.

2. Introduce the Neighborhood

You can also have one or more of the neighbors join you. As mentioned above, you can help them with their move on their nice house and while you are at it, you can tell about your other neighbors so that they know what to expect. 

3. Give a Welcome Gift

A traditional way to welcome someone is by giving them gifts. It can be in different forms. It could be something that you purchase and will be useful for their home. Cooking casseroles is also a popular way, but you can also give something else such as cake, cookies, or cupcakes. You can have store-bought, but you can make it more personal by cooking if you can and have the chance. It can be something that can be done with kids so that they will be taught the importance of being a welcoming neighbor. 

4. Invite for Dinner

You can also host a dinner for them. Nothing is more welcoming and cozy than a homemade food. This will also be a great opportunity to get to know them. A great way to swap stories is with food. You can also show your consideration by knowing about their food allergies and their favorite food. 

5. Have a Welcome Party

You can also make it into a full party by inviting the rest of your neighborhood. You can also have the rest of the neighborhood involved by having potluck or bearing gifts for them, so that they will really feel welcome. If you think that it is too overwhelming for them then start with two or three families. 

6. Tell About the Community

As a good neighbor, it will be your responsibility to share about the community of your neighborhood. You can give them groups they would want to join and also about emergency services such as hospital, police, and fire department. You can also tell them about the local services you think they would need such as a babysitter, handyman, etc. Another are the shops  and places they can go to like the grocery store, restaurants, gym, and shopping malls. If your area do not have any, you can inform them about the nearest ones.